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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Application of Common Sense

An idea in a technology Blog Forgive me :)

Local Railway stations- Extra Local trains would be required thanks to the long counter during the peak hours.

we do have electronic counters But everybody does not own a Rail card and these too are not very efficient.

One method is to update the server located at the station master's room by sending an sms

No possibility of terrorism because all mobile phones have a unique serial number.
If some people do not have may be the interested government can pay a tax to the mobile phone company and grant the person a serial-number.
Taxing the individual a little more.

Basic Requirements:
Blue tooth.
Signature for every mobile.
Back-up battery.
A server which recognises the mobile phones assigns them a signature does the transaction and sends a ticket code to the mobile phone

or one other way would be the serial number of original mobile phones.

Furthering this can also be applied for various other consumer purposes ranging from metropolitan transport

Normal bluetooths can be used But you have clever hacking codes scattered online.

OR may be you can send a message at the rate of the ticket to the mobile number of the station master and he sends you back a ticket code.