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Monday, December 28, 2009


WELL...FRIENDS heres the eight wonder ....a monument on the sands of medical sciences....well i will not be taxing your time too much just read on...

Human body is complex and most complex in it are the BRAIN & HEART ...ones failure would lead to the thers failure shortly....

brain failure is tough and its connection with electronics is little known to me coming to heart failue which is the result of fequent heart attacks after which the heart is rendered such times heart transplant or the installation of the pacer is the only grain...but doing this on a kid below 5 years is a tough job thats where ARTIFICIAL MAGNETIC HEART comes to help it is still under research here a pacer is installed in the victims body...the pro is that it does நாட் require any wires to be controlled by a computer ,No it is not battery ஐதர் operated either then ...????

well this is how it is pacer is made out of material sensitive to magnetic field due to which it is possible to control it by huge magnets placed around the victims body which produce a magnetic field which controls the moment of the artificial magnetic heart...the basic idea behind this lies in imagining all blood vessels connecting to heart as pipes and the blood flowing through it as fluid with viscosity determined by experiments thus control systems plays a vital role in this innovation....any suggestions ...ideas...pointing of errors will be acknowledged

yours truely....just_umar

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