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Friday, March 11, 2011

Strange applications ...Enhanced Memorial Products

The feel good factor feeling of uploading my blog after a year :)
first my humble wishes to those suffering due to the Japanese Tsunami

Near-Field Communications

enhanced memorial products” by Arizona company Objecs that add Near Field Communications tags to cemetery markers, allowing DATA to be “embedded” in a headstone and retrieved whenever a cell phone is touched against its surface , known as monumental tecchnology introduced in NORTH AMERICA.
courtesy: Arizona
Inductive coupling technology used in wallet phones that allows complex information sharing at the expense of practically no electrical energy used here.

Objecs, which specializes in “object hyperlinking,” or assigning a Web-based presence to real world objects, sells two products. One is called RosettaStone, which is a palm-sized stone tablet; the other is Data Tag, which adheres directly to headstones. In good outdoor conditions, the company says the Personal RosettaStone should be readable for as much as 300 years.

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