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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rising Prices of PETROL (Sorry for going out of the way and posting an idea of my OWN)

with ever increasing prices of PETROL i am worried if i will be able to get a JOB in the forthcoming days because for that i will need to study and for that i need to live

well PETROL prices cannot be controlled depend on INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS

But atleast its usage can be controlled .

Very simple and secure methods such as using meters attached to vehicles can monitor the travel versus efficiency of the vehicle.

PETROL price must vary from vehicle to vehicle , person to person

Decidedly on the use , this wuld control increase of prices of other commodities atleast.

Last but not the least will try edit this post later to enter a block diagram and other possibile infos

WISHING EVERYBODY A PETROL FREE LIFE to GROW RICH this dream would come true in a few years atleast if not now for those who need to survive.

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