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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ideas for a speedy,effective and cost efficient education

Hi make the following post , these are my ideas , i want them to be implemented.

1)All offices and homes must be attached or must be at a walkable distance i.e., No transport must be required to go for office to home or home to office.Cities must be planned as such.

2)All colleges must have compulsory hostels and special permission must be given to depressed/home sick students who wish to live with family.The two above points will save tons of petrol from being consumed and will have a positive effect on Indian economy.

3)Websites like must be given more support technically and must rapidly expand , all online shopping websites must be integrated.All small & medium shops in CITIES must be integrated into the online websites compulsorily.The government must supply a small basic TABLET computer which help people who don't have money to buy daily items from these shopping websites.Those people who lose their jobs after the shops are closed will be given free training material(pdf files)  which can be read on their tablet computers provided.After a period of 6 months those all who have lost their jobs MUST write a test and get NEW JOBS.THE TRAINING AND JOBS WILL BE TECHNICAL EITHER MEDICINE RELATED OR ENGINEERING RELATED.The following shops must be closed:shops selling all kinds of Textiles shops selling all kinds of Electronic itemsshops selling all kinds of Shoes and accessories,Vegetable and non-veg selling shops and markets selling grocery items etc.Toy shops ,Shops selling baby products.Servicing shops for all electronic items.Real Estate Agencies, Jewellery shops And all of these online must allow COD-CASH ON DELIVERY , To prevent Prankers from ordering items to somebody else's address , a verification system is required -a 5 digit code will be sent to the customers mobile phone for confirmation of a set of purchases,which has to be entered in the webpage to confirm deal.A genuine reason must be for cancellation,If somebody plays a prank for more than 5 times , the person must pay a fine.Those who lose their employment in this process(from shops closing) and are unable to pass the tests(held by government for technical employment) must be made to transport goods from/to customer place to/from warehouse where these materials are sold.In case these people are still interested in studying they must be allowed to write a re-test after 6 months and will have to pay a small fee.There are many other jobs like Chef,house keeping,security guards etc for people unable to travel to deliver products due to age/handicap.For those who don't are interested in learning full time and want to pass these exams faster and are aiming for BETTER JOBS such as in D.R.D.O. etc must be given notes(pdf files) from IIT free of cost in a special reading hall where the person can study the notes,the person must not be allowed to take the computer on which he reads the notes provided out of this reading hall,no other electronic items must be allowed into this reading hall.This kind of reading hall must be available in every major city and town and village.The reading hall will have only fans and tube lights and 1 chair for each person.A small fee is taken from the readers for maintenance.a separate tablet computer for this reading hall users will be provided by the Government.this reading hall must be open 24 hours a day , 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The only people managing the reading hall will be highly trained security guards , a manual will be displayed in different languages for people who don't know how to use a tablet computer. Proper Hygiene in the Reading room must be maintained by the security guards.No canteen in the building housing the reading room . Only rest rooms will be present in one corner of the building housing the reading room on each floor.In tamil nadu,Laptops have been given to all college students but very few of the recipients of the laptop i know use it to listen to music and play games,watch movies !
My solution:Interactive software which  is based on psychometric analysis and mutates depending on the student to make the student more interested in learning is essential,otherwise building libraries and distributing laptops is of little use !To prevent terrorists from entering this building,Voter's ID card,Passport or a smart card issued by the library have to be produced everytime users enter the library.

If the Government does not undertake the task,then a private concern may follow the following steps to achieve:
Phase 1:Online shopping website.
Must include every single shop in the remotest part of the city,If a person in xyz street orders a packet of Lays online ,a message is forwarded to the shop in that street,that person sends the product to the customer.
The business firm has the option of providing & maintaining a delivery boy to the shop-keeper.
The customer can be pulled towards buying products by giving them Gifts when they purchased above Rs.10,000 in a stipulated period of "X" months,The gift can be a educational book,software,hardware,stationery item,music CDs etc
The business man can also tie up with major book manufacturers to provide CDs/books worth Rs.1000+ as free gifts possible when large number of people are eligible for the price.

Phase 2:
Every person directly connected as a staff to this online website , will get study material in the form of pdf (if interested).For future studies.

Phase 3:
Re-arrangement of city.

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