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Monday, December 19, 2011

Directed Energy Weapon - CHEMICAL LASER GUN & Active Denial System for the Local POLICE


says that government has tested the LASER and termed it as useless since it produces no pain , but this could be used as a warning system before the active Denial  System is out to use .
An advanced version of this is used in the Air Force to attack missiles and prevent the missiles from causing damage to allied forces.

LASER - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation , its main characteristic dense collimated beam can be used for defense right from the aerospace to the local police with lathi depending on the intensity of the beam.

This article, for the local police could carry a non- lethal LASER GUN which would blind you only for the moment been rather than permanent damage and injury to internal organs . It's specification:

500 Milliwatt, 532nm (Green) Flashing Laser
Overall Length 11 Inches, Maximum Diameter 2.25 Inches
Powered by Primary Lithium Batteries
Delivery: 8 weeks ARO (go to GOOGLE - TYPE "laser dazzlers" click on most appropriate link.
For more General details visit above mentioned site.

Since the CHP Laser DazzlerTM (Patent Pending) is designed to
be compact yet effective at distance in bright ambient

To prevent the above what changes could be made , the intensity of the LASER BEAM could be decreased by varying the power
Designed with a tempered black pure hard aluminum casing, the Armlaser 300mw green laser dazzler can withstand extreme laser functionalities, may it be in the battle field or inside a laboratory. extremely effective, non-lethal, waterproof high powered green laser built specifically for rugged, harsh environments. This laser is classified as TALI™ (Threat Assessment Laser Illuminator)          

Another product has been featured on Discovery Channel's "Future Weapons",  is equipped with versatile focus-adjustable collimating lenses to compensate for range and power intensityi'd seriously consider red diode based lasers. Most green laser assemblies will not be able to tolerate the shock/recoil for very long , will cause the material to get plasticized and result in damage.
But doing this would result in the confusion of the laser be termed as class 3 B or class 1 , due to it's varying damage on the eye referencecd to MPE- Maximum Permissible Exposure.

for information on safety of lasers: 

The following device is not only more effective in dispersing people but will not result in severe Injury caused by Lathis PROVIDED THE INTENSITY OF THE RADIATION EMITTED FROM THE ACTIVE DENIAL SYSTEM IS BELOW THE THRESHOLD WHICH CAN BE SERIOUSLY INJURIOUS TO HUMAN TISSUE.
This primarily a replacement for the lathis used by the local police One laser mounted on a vehicle would be sufficient to deal a crowd instead of many lathis and many police officers being involved and getting themself injured.

If the frequency of the emitted spectrum is moved away from what is being used in the laser dazzler then the active denial system which operates at higher frequency is got.
The intensity of the device can be changed to cause intense pain or to kill the person or crowd.but the power involvement is very high , i am very much in favor of the above technologies because a single weapon can tackle a large crowd , very useful if a stampede occurs and if they are mounted at appropriate position at traffic signals then one of them could be used on a traffic rule breaker depending on the harm caused/causable due to violation of the law.

The difference is that the active denial system requires more power , more tough material and is more dangerous(IF NOT HANDLED WITH PRECAUTIONS), BUT effective.

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