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Saturday, June 1, 2013


The main problem is not collecting and creating the information , It is maintaining the security of the website,keeping the website online at all times,Because such one website can cause the downfall of many others.

My humble suggestion would be that The Many websites present on the internet must collaborate & co-operate with each other and Form a SINGLE WEBSITE ,Based on the links a user clicks , the person who suggested & secures the links be put on the web page gets the money.

There are better websites,My humble suggestion , kindly merge with them.If you want to educate,If you want to earn Money carry own ...ALL THE BEST.

Many of the status contain queries on the following topics included in the list below:

I very humbly request the admin of this group to include the following in the *pinned* post and it's comments.
Only the admin is eligible to comment on the *pinned* post.
The post must contain the rules and regulations of this group.
Each and every comment will contain information on different topics such as:
urls to (secure & standard)webpage containing Best Colleges world wide
urls to (secure & standard)webpage containing symposiums worldwide
urls to (secure & standard)webpage containing Implant training,Internships
urls to (secure & standard)webpage containing NGOs for free education.
urls to (secure & standard)webpage containing Discounted education
urls to (secure & standard)webpage containing competitions
urls to (secure & standard)webpage containing graduation final year projects (lists & already submitted)
urls to (secure & standard)webpage containing open source THESIS of researchers worldwide.
urls to (secure & standard)webpage containing PATENTS & PATENT IDEAS.
urls to (secure & standard)webpage containing AREAS WHERE INNOVATION IS REQUIRED.

urls to (secure & standard)webpage containing Basic topics in various field of engineering(One comment-One department such as EEE.
urls to (secure & standard)webpage containing free facilities to test your code/circuit online similar to that  present on (

urls to (secure & standard)webpage containing facilities for Emergency response and First Aid for people of different ages.(such a predefined sms/email to local Government hospitals/Police station/Fire-station depending on the need),To make things easier you could include a camera/microphone facility to estimate what is required according to the input recieved.
The above list must be re-posted in the next list of comments according to different branches such as ece,eee,eie.

Any update to a particular comment can be done clicking on *edit* comment,to update the new competitions,symposiums, or remove out-dated competitions,symposiums etc

A small example of the above said can be found on this group:
FLOSS Rocks!!! --I am one of the admin to this group , and i have been locked out of my facebook account due to my carelessness,I hope to update it after 5 days .

In case my explanation is very elaborate , please forgive me , i am trying to be very clear , so that no mistakes are committed.

I would gladly be the admin of this group,I am a newbie myself,
My Original profile

Few updates for your website:
Category:Indian hacking conferences - Secpedia
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Umar Sheriff Website copier:Copies the content of a website to a local hard disk.
My thoughts:It copies only the public content of the website.It will be useful on Open source websites.
HTTrack Website Copier - Free Software Offline Browser (GNU GPL)
HTTrack is a free (GPL, libre/free software) and easy-to-use offline browser uti...See More

Try your hacking skills here.

More to Come Game - Level 1

Free open source software:

See this webpage once daily:

Secure OS:

More updates to come
Mohawke's Best of the Best Free and Open Source Software Collection: Mac OS X and Windows...
Mohawke's best of the best free and open source software: Everything you can ima...See More

for Security/malware/forensics:


For Red Hat Certifications
For Red Hat Certified Technician/Engineer/Security Specialist/Architect (RHCT/RHCE/RHCA/RHCSS)


For Novell :

Oracle Certified Associate(OCA) and Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) Linux certifications

More updates to come...
The GIAC Security Certification Roadmap
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Umar Sheriff Organization working for the advancement of open source technologies:
Students | OSU Open Source Lab
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Umar Sheriff Free programming tutorials:

Free PHP tutorials:

Free HTML5 tutorials:

Offline dictionary for Linux:

Report Malware or Get help to remove malware:
A nonprofit organization that makes the Web safer through the prevention, mitigation, and remediation of badware websites.

 Where to get computer Drivers






According to Mcafee's No security issues were found on the above mentioned websites.
Find Realtek AC97 Audio Driver, NEC Driver and more at Get th...See More

 Bug bounty Programs:

Mcafee site advisor has NOT verified this website,Proceed with caution.
Bugcrowd - Crowdsourced security testing. We run managed bug bounty programs for websites and...
The List Welcome to Bugcrowd’s community powered list of bug bounty programs <​p style=

 Give this a glance in your free time:
CIA Central: Computer Intelligence Association - Product Line Card
CIA Central - View the hundreds of partners we work with to deliver one of the l...See More
Report Malware online:

Google search best universities world wide

This webpage appears:

search for names of universities found in the links in the  webpage 

Next open google search in a new tab:
type the following in the search box or you can use advanced search option:

site: ft:

example: homerf ft:.pdf ft:.ppt ft:.doc

If the above does not work try something like this:

This is lengthier but more effective

This is the search phrase (Precautions need to be followed in this method,skip few lines to know them)

site:*.edu homerf

'*' indicates all characters in a string of every possible length.

Some websites end with .org hence if you don't get the search results using the above phrase try:
site:*.org homerf
Google has certain bugs due to which i am not getting perfect results while i combine two different domain names,Bug seems to hide universities even using advanced search.

Precautions to be followed in the second method:
Verify a url that appears in the search before clicking it using

After you find out the owner/organisation name , Google the owner/organisation name to find out whether such a university exists,If it Does ,You have got very good tutorial for the topic you have been searching !

How can this be Improved ?
A firefox add-on ,Chrome extension helping us verify the websites or a google feature which lists only webpages of Universities/colleges.

Last request DON'T USE INTERNET EXPLORER ! Chrome and Firefox are faster(And more secure according to online statistics)

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